Our people: Meet Hadleigh Brock


Meet Hadleigh who is helping businesses succeed by guiding them through complex tax transactions. If he wasn't working with Deloitte you could probably find him on the water, diving or taking fishing charters. Here's what he had to say. 

What is your role at Deloitte and how long have you been here?

I am a Director in Deloitte’s Tax Transaction Services Team. I specialise in helping businesses execute successful transaction strategies by advising them on the relevant tax implications of a transaction and, where possible, by identifying opportunities to create or increase deal value.

I have been with Deloitte for a little over five years now.

Why Deloitte?

I believe Deloitte passionately invests and is genuinely committed to the sectors in which it plays. This includes the private market where Deloitte actively looks to support growing businesses, their owners, and the things that inspire good old fashioned Kiwi ingenuity. I enjoy being part of a business that has this focus as it aligns with my own personal drivers and aspirations.

What’s one of the most challenging tasks you’ve taken on here and how did you overcome it?

Every day is filled with different challenges and often, in a transaction context, one of the most common is where two parties will have a different view / motive / or objective in relation to a particular aspect. Sometimes this can detract focus from other more important aspects of a transaction.

Often, in those cases, to overcome or move forward, it’s about distilling what the key issues are for each stakeholder and trying to find the best outcome possible. That’s where experience counts and it helps to resolve these issues quickly.

What is it about working with SMEs that you’re interested in?

The passion and drive of business owners is infectious and I take a lot of pride in seeing New Zealanders be successful on the global stage.

What keeps you interested outside of work?

I have a young family which keeps me pretty busy and any spare time is spent on the water or around water.

If you weren’t in professional services what would you do?

I'd be a dive instructor or a fishing charter operator - that would probably be a good start!

Dream country you’d like to visit?

Anywhere in the Caribbean or Cuba.

Finish this sentence: People aren’t aware of the power of… what can be achieved through investing in others

I am passionate about working with clients to assist them in achieving their commercial objectives through realising visible value and ensuring a successful transaction strategy.

I enjoy working with my clients to ensure tax is not a barrier to sale, so attention is instead focussed on the opportunities for creating value, and a successful, pragmatic completion with no surprises. My objective is to ensure seamless and lasting integration strategies that support a smooth transition and the fostering of best practice procedures for managing tax function.