Our people: Meet Dan Hellyer

He's lucky enough to live in the adventure capital of New Zealand, alongside some inspiring SMEs in the far south. Meet Deloitte Private director, Dan Hellyer, who has been building up our presence in Queenstown since moving to the new office 12 months ago. 

What is your role at Deloitte and how long have you been here?

I'm a director in Tax & Private based in the recently opened Queenstown office. I have been in Queenstown for 12 month now and previously with Dunedin office for the past 8 years.

Why Deloitte?

I was attracted here by the people. At the time I had been working for an audit client of the firm when I was considering my future options. I had built a relationship with the audit partner and team members and I was so impressed with such a high performing team with a great culture. I wanted to be part of that!

What’s one of the most challenging tasks you’ve taken on here and how did you overcome it?

The move into the Queenstown market has been challenging but at the same time very rewarding. Building new networks and a reputation in the market takes a lot of time and energy, and at times can be quite overwhelming.

To get our foot in the door we used some old fashioned skills like making phone calls, lots of coffee meetings and networking events. Another great source has been the existing networks of Deloitte partners and staff, both from the NZ firm and the international firm.

Queenstown and the Central Otago region have some fantastic businesses and already we have met a lot of entrepreneurs and successful business people through the likes of the Fast 50 and our Deloitte Private Club events. It has been very rewarding to bring these Deloitte initiatives to this market and to give the recognition and rewards to the high achieving businesses of the region. 

What is it about working with SMEs that you’re interested in?

They are the life blood of NZ and you get direct access to the people behind the businesses. They are often doing big things on their own and the advice and support is appreciated. I have enjoyed the personal relationships I have developed with clients and getting to know and understand what drives them and their businesses to be successful.

What keeps you interested outside of work?

I have a young family and we have enjoyed our move into the Wakatipu basin and particularly, for the lifestyle that this region offers. Getting the kids up into the mountains on foot, bike or skis keeps us busy and we are very lucky to have this right on our doorstep.  

The mountain biking in Queenstown is truly world class, with the steep technical terrain really suiting my style of riding plus having the Gondola access for bikes is a truly amazing asset for the town.

If you weren’t in professional services what would you do?

I would have a mountain bike guiding business (with the occasional bit of racing thrown in), chasing summers in Europe, Canada and NZ.

Dream country you’d like to visit?


Finish this sentence: People aren’t aware of the power of… the westerly wind at Queenstown airport.

Dan offers straight up advice and ensures he's available when needed. As well as striving to be innovative and objective, he genuinely cares about his clients and their businesses, saying that he gets a kick out of helping them grow and take on challenges both professionally and personally.