Guest blog post: Development within the workplace, brought to you by The Icehouse

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in the way managers and senior leaders have been investing in their employees. The culture of developing leaders and your own leadership abilities has become a driving force behind creating unified and motivated teams. But how does investing in the development of your leaders and yourself result in higher performance and a stronger team?

For any business, meaningful development sends clear signals to individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole that it values its people, their skill sets and their future. 

As the modern world develops and changes at lightning speed, you need to evolve and learn as well, otherwise you won’t be around for long or you'll be completely surprised with what's lurking around the corner. Therefore, professional development is essential for every business to take up.

In many cases, to ensure success within your business and team, you also need to look at yourself as a leader – are you showing a genuine interest in your staff? Having a good basis for leadership within your business will have a direct impact on your success.

A new style of leadership 

A modern style of leadership is now being sought after by both employers and employees alike. This style of leadership is designed on the simple principle of being ‘collaborative’. Leaders need to be versatile, adaptable, have a strong presence and purpose, while working well in complex, fast changing-situations – it’s not an easy task to master. But to be able to instill this leadership not only within yourself, but with leaders within your team, develops confidence and motivates people to succeed

A common worry for business owners is that if they develop their team too much, they’ll leave. Yes, this is a risk, but it is often not the case. The risks associated with developing the leadership members within your business far outweigh those if you don’t. There are all sorts of repercussions your business could face if your employees are left out in the cold. Underperformance, demoralisation, boredom and lack of productivity are just some of the issues that can arise, and it comes down to one main factor that can quickly cause them to look elsewhere - neglect.

Developing your staff is about bringing them on the journey

Developing your people isn’t all about furthering their skills, it’s about taking them on the journey with you and your business and showing them how they fit into the grand scheme of things. Leadership is absolutely essential within this. It's also important to note that leadership is not solely reserved for people managers - it can come from multiple areas. It drives the cultural ethos within the business – so the feel and personality of your business is critical to what you’re delivering to customers and your staff.  

At The Icehouse, our Owner Manager Programme acts as a facilitator of this leadership. Whether your business is already growing steadily and you feel you need a tighter grip on the reins, or you’re aspiring to grow yourself, your team and your business, this programme will equip you with the skills and tools to take you there.

Allowing time for your own development allows you to hone your leadership strategy for your business, but most importantly, your team. Return to your business with a refreshed perspective and support from a new network of business owners and experts, and you’ll see results sooner than you expected.  


The Icehouse’s Owner Manager Programme will help you develop new skills, address issues in the business, hone your strategic plan and drive your business forward to greater success. It will give you the clarity, confidence and motivation to put progressive plans in place for yourself and your business. This programme allows you to take the time out of your business to engage in invaluable practical learning. You no longer need to feel alone as The Owner Manager Programme will provide you with the support to get clear, get motivated and get going.