Q&A with Victoria Yeo - New Consulting Partner


Last month, we congratulated Victoria Yeo on becoming a partner in our consulting practice. Victoria started with Deloitte as a summer intern in audit before joining tax, and then transferring to consulting. She spent several years in strategy and operations before moving to human capital. 

This month, we chatted with her about the challenges her clients face, a favourite moment in her career and her involvement with the SME sector. 

What motivates you to get up and into work in the morning?

Having a group of clients that I genuinely enjoy working with and being surrounded by inspiring colleagues that constantly challenge your thinking and make you a better consultant.

What challenges do you see arising for your clients in the next five years?

My clients' organisations are being disrupted and how they respond and keep pace with innovation and the change required, will be an indicator of their future success.

One of the challenges is moving away from traditional change approaches where we 'manage' and 'deliver' change, to delivering agile change across multiple channels and platforms. This approach creates a better experience for customers, employees and stakeholders as they go through the change process. 

Tell us about a turning point in your career journey

Realising it’s okay to be different. What matters is that you are clear on your values and your actions align with these values.

Tell us about a time when you really felt you had made an impact

One of the engagements that I’ve been really proud to be a part of was the creation and establishment of Te Pou Matakana (TPM). TPM was a North Island Commissioning Agency established to support the well-being of indigenous people across multiple sectors by working with providers and those in need to provide the right social services. It gave me a newfound appreciation of the social impact we can make given the right opportunity.

If you didn't have your job, what else would you consider doing?

I love trying new restaurants and I’ve always wanted to be a food critic – without having to write up the reviews! My holidays are inevitably planned around trying out different restaurants.

How does your role in consulting intersect with the SME sector?

My focus is helping organisations transform and navigate the complexities of change so my focus is a natural fit given the amount of change and disruption within SME and growth organisations. What is interesting is the response that organisations have as they face a changing workforce demographic, and getting in the right people with the right capabilities to grow their business. 

The gig economy is one of the key trends in our 2016 Global Human Capital Trends report and focuses on how a business can manage talent effectively when many of its people are not actually its employees. Networks of people who work without any formal employment agreement—as well as the growing use of machines as talent—are reshaping the talent management equation – something we are seeing across the SME market.


Victoria is a Partner in our Auckland Consulting team. She loves helping organisations navigate the complexity of change. Whether it’s advising on a large or small scale transformation, developing the operating model, redesigning an organisation, or a system implementation, she works with clients to translate their future vision into a clear roadmap for change. For her, the greatest sense of achievement is supporting clients through their journey and seeing change embedded in the organisation.