Spotlight on Night 'n Day Foodstores

We check in with an iconic NZ brand to ask how business has boomed after being named in our Fast 50! 

Night ‘n Day Foodstores Limited was named 4th on the national 2012 Fast 50 index after achieving 951.71% growth. They were also awarded the prize as Otago’s fastest growing retail or consumer products business.  In 2013, they were the fastest growing mature business in Otago and the Lower South Island region. Not bad for a business that started out in 1984.

Night 'n Day began life in Dunedin at the Regent Foodstore (affectionately known as the “Two Four”) located on the edges of the student quarter. This store was (and still is) owned by Denise and Andrew Lane, and was the first 24 hour food store in New Zealand. Further stores were opened in Christchurch and Invercargill during the 1980s, with Night ‘n Day Foodstores Limited being officially established in 1990.

Through franchising, the company grew with 25 franchised stores located throughout the South Island. In 2011, an opportunity arose to move into the North Island and spread the “Two Four” model throughout New Zealand. The team boldly took on 21 new stores in the space of approximately 4 months, effectively doubling the size of their business immediately.

Lisa Wilson, from Deloitte Private in Dunedin, caught up with current CEO (and nephew of Denise and Andrew Lane) Tony Allison and see how things are going four years on.

Why choose Dunedin for the Head Office location?

Night ‘n Day was established and developed from Dunedin and the family all still live here.

We are a nationwide business and no matter where we are based, we need to service our stores from Whangarei to Invercargill. We choose to stay in Dunedin because it’s a great place to do business, there are less hassles, more life balance and efficient operating costs. Dunedin is a diverse city that has the infrastructure to support any sized business and I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying living and working in this city!

What made you decide to enter the Fast 50 index?

The team put a huge amount of hard work into our growth and we wanted to acknowledge that effort and where the business had grown too. The franchisees had also been extremely supportive during the growth and we thought getting our brand out there was a good way to give back to our franchisees.   

What were the highlights of being a Fast 50 winner?

Our people got a huge boost from Night ‘n Day being recognised. It provided some really positive energy and a further lift to our brand. Another highlight was meeting and talking to a number of other growing and positive businesses from around the country. You also don’t need to win to benefit from this competition. Just completing the entry makes you consider where the business has been and where it’s heading which provides a positive opportunity to reflect and plan.

Did you find the Fast 50 experience a worthwhile experience for your business?

Absolutely! For the effort you put into entering the Fast 50 compared to what the business receives in return it’s definitely worthwhile.

Where is the business at now?

We are in a great position and continue to prosper. Our same store sales continue to grow and the Night ‘n Day brand is going from strength to strength. After a period of consciously working through our new store growth and considering our foundation, we are now seeking to bring on more stores. 

As a Deloitte Private Manager, Lisa enjoys helping clients help themselves by assisting with periodic reporting, strategy and planning. She strives to understand them both in terms of their business and what they do, as well as their key personnel and where their strengths and weaknesses lie. She also has a number of clients in the not-for-profit sector who face a whole different set of challenges than the standard ‘for profit’ sector.