Q&A with Kyle Cameron

Meet this Dunedin partner who loves making a practical difference to his clients' businesses and who may have been one of the boys in the blue if he hadn't found his niche at Deloitte. 

How did you come to be at Deloitte?

Having dreamt of being an accountant throughout my formative years, I started as an audit graduate with Deloitte. This led to a secondment to the Miami office a few years later and then a departure from the firm for a few years while working in the UK. I re-joined Deloitte on my return to New Zealand and moved into what was then our accounting business – later to become Deloitte Private.  

What's your role and who are you working most closely with on a daily basis?

I’m a partner within Deloitte Private, based out of Dunedin. I have a wide variety of clients from the corporate end of the market through to family owned businesses. I enjoy the variety and wresting with the different challenges that our client face.

What's the most satisfying part of your role? 

Two aspects:

·  Winning good clients and working with clients that succeed. You get a great sense of achievement when you make a real difference to a client’s business.

· Being part of helping our people develop. We bring a lot of fresh graduates into our firm and it's rewarding to watch them develop their skills and build the confidence that comes with that. 

In what areas are you looking to learn more or explore in 2016?

I'm always exploring how we can do things better, both internally from an efficiency perspective and with clients in terms of solutions we can bring to their businesses.

What would you be doing if you weren’t an accountant?

I'd be a policeman – possibly highway patrol. No real logic to it – it just seems to come up every now and then when you have one of those moments where you think you need a change! Fortunately those moments are few and far between.

What's the most significant change that comes to mind since you started out with Deloitte?

The smartphone – if you think back to the logistics involved in organising and doing the small things, the smartphone really has made things easier for us to do business. It changes the way we communicate with our clients and our ability to respond.

Kyle is a Deloitte Private partner in our Dunedin office. If you ask him where his strengths lie, his response is typical of those who work with small businesses, "I take what I do very seriously and I know what the pressure points are for my clients. I understand what they need to look for and sometimes that means that they simply want advice or someone to bounce an idea off and that’s the bit I find so rewarding."