Q&A with a Deloitte Partner

We had a chat with Hamilton Partner, Doug Wilson about what he'd be doing if he wasn't at Deloitte and how he spends his free moments!

What is your role Doug and how long have you been in it?

I am a partner in the T&P service line in Hamilton office, and have been a partner for just over 7 years.

How did you decide upon a career in this industry?

Accounting was always part of my education from high school then university, but to be honest I didn’t have a clear view where I would end up.

I actually started in Telecom (as it was known then) on the graduate program - I couldn’t get an interview with an accounting firm back then ironically, post the 87 crash! I joined Deloitte a year later after telecom recentralised and haven’t moved since!

If you weren’t doing this for a living, what would you be doing?

Something in the sports sector I suspect. I have always been heavily involved in playing sport and in the business end of it after my competitive days.

What's the best part of your job?

I enjoy the transactional role I play with clients in terms of finding ways to grow the capital value of their business and how that plays out by way of growing inorganically or enjoying a successful exit.

What do you do for fun?

For personal pleasure I enjoy road cycling, mountain biking and golf. I also enjoy spending time with the kids and their sporting pursuits.

What’s one thing on your bucket list you’d like to tick off in the next few years?

Spend some serious time in the French and Swiss Alps enjoying all it has to offer. I spent some time there on my last sabbatical and it is amazing.

Finish this sentence:  “People think accountants are... all plastic pen holders as a personality type but we are actually much more interesting than that!”

With over 20 years’ experience in business and management advisory at Deloitte, Doug regularly helps a diverse portfolio of businesses. He is in involved in many sectors but has particular knowledge relating to manufacturing, sport, hospitality and construction.