New leadership in Rotorua

Deloitte Partner John McRae was appointed as president of the Rotorua Chamber of Commerce earlier this month.

John was unanimously supported by the executive when he was put forward for the presidency. Following John's appointment, the Rotorua Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive, Darrin Walsh, predicted "exciting times" for the organisation under John's leadership.

John's extensive accounting background and CEO experience meant that he was a perfect fit for the role.

John said he saw the need for the chamber to play a key role in developing commerce in Rotorua.

"That means working with the council and other key leaders within the community to make Rotorua stronger," he said.

"Over the past decade or so, we haven't seen a lot of growth. There has probably been more in the past couple of years than in the previous 15 or 20 years."

Mr McRae said the chamber would be building on the work of the outgoing president Kathy Hawker and previous presidents and working to accelerate progress to create a solid economic base.

"I think we can always lift our game," he said. "We can definitely make Rotorua a better place than it is and make an impact that matters for local businesses and communities."

About the Rotorua Chamber of Commerce

The Rotorua Chamber of Commerce works with all business organisations and agencies by providing advocacy, support services and networking towards building a better business environment in its city. See more here.

The Rotorua Chamber of Commerce is one of 30 within New Zealand. The current membership is about 600 businesses, representing a large cross-section of business owners and employers in the Rotorua region.


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