Gluing the family finances together

Pioneered by Australian partner, Peter Pagonis, Deloitte's family wealth programme has been injecting a fresh way of thinking into this relatively complex area

Family wealth succession plans have never been easy territory.  They can often stir up conflict amongst family members as to how best pass wealth down the generations and distribute it in the best way possible.

However, thanks to the hard work of some of our Private Partners, the Deloitte Family Wealth Programme is standing out as the first of its kind in the country to offer a mediated approach that remains family-focussed rather than advisor-focussed. This means we talk with each family member individually to gain their personal views before coming up with a solution that satisfies all parties.

It's no wonder then that a recent event on the topic held on July 8 at The Hills golf course, generated a significant amount of interest.

26 people from the local business community turned out to hear more on our programme that aims to mitigate family conflicts when dealing with family wealth.

It was a great event to kick off the early stages of our Queenstown office and helped us make some great connections with those in the local business community.

Despite great interest from Queenstown, this is a nationwide programme that specific partners in each region are qualified to cover. Auckland Partner, Joanne McCrae, is spearheading the programme and would be a great first touch point for those wanting to know more. You can email her here.

We're all about happy families at Deloitte and it's great to see this programme doing its part!

Partners working on the programme by region are:

Auckland: Joanne McCrae, Bill Hale

Hamilton: Greg Harris

Wellington: Ian Fay

Christchurch: Shari Carter, Andrew Button

Dunedin: Phil Stevenson


Phil loves using his using his specialist tax skills to manage transactions in an efficient manner. He finds it extremely rewarding to help develop business opportunities or simply be on the end of the phone as a sounding board for clients.