A trailblazing start to the 2015 Fast 50

Deloitte Private Partner, Bill Hale, welcomes the crowd. 

Deloitte Private Partner, Bill Hale, welcomes the crowd. 

Our Fast 50 launch events in Auckland and Wellington kicked off with a bang earlier In the month.

Around 140 people turned out to our Auckland event, where MyWave CEO, Geraldine McBride spoke along with best-selling author of The Experience Economy, Joe Pine.

Deloitte Private Partner, Bill Hale, welcomed the crowd of entrepreneurs, fast growing business moguls and our own Deloitte Private Club members to celebrate the success of the Fast 50 programme and its alumni. We started with a quick Q&A with last year’s winner Seeby Woodhouse before Bill handed over to Takapuna Deloitte Private Partner Mark Talbot. Mark helped Geraldine share her incredible story of her own personal successes as well as her start-up MyWave.

Geraldine McBride and Joe Pine

Geraldine offers some advice on having a successful startup

Geraldine offers some advice on having a successful startup

Initially gaining a degree in zoology, Geraldine decided there was “no money in frogs” but realised she did have an interest in people and technology.

After working her way to CEO of SAP North America, the successful business woman returned to New Zealand to begin MyWave, essentially a digital personal assistant called Frank. She commented that a place like New Zealand is the perfect ‘petri dish’ type place to try out something new and disruptive due to the fact Kiwis are “disobedient thinkers”

The crowd were inspired by her determined approach to business with her famous line, “No is not a bad thing, particularly when you don’t take no for an answer.”

She added that if Kiwi start-ups want to raise money, they should “stop thinking like a little New Zealand company and start thinking like a global company – value yourself the way you should be valued”.

Next up was Joe Pine who delivered yet another challenging message on the power of delivering experiences for customers over things saying that “experiences are a distinct economic offering”.

He said the gumball machine is one of the most profound inventions due to the fact it delivered more value not by creating a new product, but by creating a new experience.

He also compared the price of a cup of coffee is worth around 4 cents to the experience of drinking it is worth 4.50.

“By customising people’s coffee orders, Starbucks for example has created a customer experience that’s unique.”

This left plenty for the audience to think about, with time to mull it over with drinks and networking.

Flight Coffee launched in Wellington

Richard and Nick talk about their business 'Flight Coffee'.

Richard and Nick talk about their business 'Flight Coffee'.

Mark Lash and Paul Pettit our Wellington Fast 50 co-leaders welcomed the crowd before Flight Coffee owner, Richard Corney and director, Nick Clark took to the stage to share their journey in running a fast-growth business.

Ranked 39th place on our Fast 50 index last year, Flight Coffee has more than tripled their revenue in the space of just a few years.

They offered some great advice on how to motivate and run a successful team, starting with a great culture, their perspective on Fairtrade and their plans for expansion.

Join our journey!

We’re excited to have officially launched the 2015 Fast 50 and we’re looking forward to reaching new horizons!

We’ll be holding celebration events on 30 September in all of our regions to recognise those fastest growing local companies, and then we are building towards the year’s destination - The Festival of Fast Growth! Held at Auckland’s Villa Maria Winery on 4 November where we will reveal the National category winners and count down NZs fastest growing companies.

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