A fast start for the Waikato

After launch events in Auckland and Wellington it was time for Hamilton to have their turn in the spotlight with their stellar Fast 50 launch party on June 17. 

And what better place to hold the event than at the craft beer bar, Good George, who won last year’s regional rising star category for the Waikato. Co-owner, Jason Macklow was also a guest speaker, delivering insights into the process of entering the special category which requires participants to deliver a presentation to a panel of judges.

Bruce Trevarthen from LayerX also spoke, offering up some insights into their new areas of growth. As a repeat contender, LayerX  has been featured in the Fast 50 twice now coming in at 27th on our list last year with growth of 295%.

Hamilton Partner, Doug Wilson says there was a great buzz on the night with many potential new Fast 50 entrants leaving feeling inspired and motivated.

“A good 22 companies were there plus the BNZ team and you could see they felt really energised in terms of understanding what was involved in entering and what they could get out of it.”

“Bruce Trevarthen from LayerX created an instant attraction and many were keen to catch up with him and create those networking opportunities.”

And while he’s keeping mum about it, Doug firmly believes the Fast 50 winner is in the Waikato this year.

Hamilton Deloitte Private Club

While the talk of the night may have been around Fast 50, we capitalised on the fact that many of our private clients were there by launching our Deloitte Private Club.

The club will hold its first meeting in the next two months and according to Doug, the initial interest in the club has been very positive.

“We’re committed to getting this club up and running and in return everyone seemed enthused about wanting to get involved.”

He says the club will focus on delivering topics that centre around the needs of our clients, particularly those with significant growth aspirations - an area that Doug says many are very keen to learn more on.

“In our first meeting we might look at having a panel session on how to gain different forms of funding and contrasting types of equity funding. The real focus point being on how to raise capital and what the process is – particularly what the pitfalls and benefits are from each.”

Doug adds that this is not a club for the public - it’s for those in the know. This allows the topics to be very niche and useful to business owners.


With over 20 years’ experience in business and management advisory at Deloitte, Doug regularly helps a diverse portfolio of businesses. He is in involved in many sectors but has particular knowledge relating to manufacturing, sport, hospitality and construction.