Auckland’s Lightning Lab Mentors Evening

Deloitte were very proud to host Auckland’s Lightning Lab Mentors Evening last night. The event gave Lightning Lab CEOs, interns and advisors a chance to network with a talented and inspirational group of mentors who have been working alongside each start-up business during the 12-week intensive program. 

The evening began with a warm welcome from Deloitte Private Partner - Bill Hale - who along with his team have been working closely with Lightning Lab, assisting businesses with virtual advisory and financial services. 

Dan challenged Lightning Lab mentors to offer a 60 second pitch to the crowd for each of the businesses they have been working with. Justly, Logicore, Estimeet, Broker Better, Preno and Roll were well represented by their Mentors who sold each businesses idea and founder’s credentials. Each and every founder was described as having the outstanding quality being that ‘they know what they don’t know’. They have direction, ambition and they each strive to build successful businesses that can compete on the world stage. Speakers that followed included Lightning Lab’s Dan Heier, Connor Archibald, Richard Burns and Mark McLeod-Smith.








Deloitte Private’s affiliation with Lightning Lab and associated teams from The Icehouse and the GridAKL ecosystems is growing strongly. Through these connections, the Deloitte team is now working closely with a number of start-ups to assist with forecasting, strategy, taxation and other advisory services. These businesses have benefited from Deloitte Private’s broad range of experience and knowledge. This in turn has helped a number of them refine their scope, challenge them to think ‘bigger’, develop a customer base and prepare to raise investment. 

Unleashing a business’s potential drives the Deloitte Private Team to succeed. We look forward to working alongside the Lightning Lab start-ups as they grow and inevitably become New Zealand’s leading technology companies.


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