Sussing out social media

I was fortunate enough to attend a recent panel on Social Media, made up of Wendy Thompson of Socialites, Victoria MacLennan of Optimal BI and Richard Conway of Pure SEO.

Most of us are aware of the growing impact and scale of social media in the last few years. Our panel estimate that there are now 350,000 tweets sent every minute and 1.3 million Facebook posts per minute. So the impact of social media on our businesses can be huge.

How can your brand stand out? How do you ensure you get traffic through your website?

Every business should have a social strategy, which includes the following:

  • Your key market and targets
  • A strategy to approach these key targets
  • Ways to links with brands that have an established following
  • A creative content hub - but make sure it is relevant content (not content for content sake)
  • Insights into when the best time to post is

What advice do you give to new businesses that want to get the most out of social media? 

  • Reserve all social media handles in your company name, even if you aren’t using them yet
  • Set up a dedicated email address for all social media emails. This way your social media accounts aren’t tied into one person in the business
  • Start a blog even if you don’t advertise it straight away you can refer to it down the track
  • Set up a code of conduct, or social media policy
  • Ensure you have terms and conditions on your various sites
  • Ensure you have “beautiful content”
  • Think about your target market and what they will connect with

How do you deal with potentially harmful complaints posted on your social media sites?

  • Try and take it off line ask them to email or private message you
  • Close the loop by writing a comment under it once the issue has been resolved
  • Do not remove the complaint until it has been dealt with
  • You can block people if they become an ongoing issue

What are some good resources for keeping up with social media trends?

  • The Examiner
  • Facebook for business
  • LinkedIn
  • Huffington Post
  • #Socialmedia
  • “Contagious: Why Things Catch On” by Jonah Berger

What are your predictions for 2015?

  • Facebook will be around for another year or two as 1.9 Kiwis log in everyday (4x more Kiwis log on to Facebook each night than watch TV)
  • Twitter has a small community in New Zealand but if you are exporting you need to be on it
  • Instagram is for a younger audience
  • Snapchat you can use it to tell your brand story
  • Pinterest  weddings, fashion and food
  • Youtube Age of influencers

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Stephen is a Wellington Deloitte Private Partner advising fast growing and entrepreneurial companies.