Pay Your Tax By Credit Card

Inland Revenue now offers a credit card option to pay your tax.

If you are a member of a rewards scheme (airpoints, true rewards, hot points etc) your payment will earn reward points.  To be 100% sure check with your card provider.Inland Revenue now allow tax payments by credit card.

A 1.42% commission is added on top but if your cashflow has a temporary hiccup or you have some arrears you'd like to clear it is another option that is available.

The link to make a credit card tax payment is here.

Make sure you check out the terms and conditions.  They are only one page and are written in plain English.

If you are needing to pay by credit card rather than choosing too then make sure you talk to us at Deloitte Private. Not only can we negotiate on your behalf with Inland Revenue we will be able to offer advice regarding your business or personal affairs so that you can manage your cash flow.

Partner, Deloitte Private

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