Deloitte Private and Smart Trade make big offer for new clients

As part of our special offer, new clients who commit to Deloitte to become their accountant or advisor will be given 10,000 Smart Trade bonus points.

Smart-Trade is New Zealand's leading coalition loyalty programme. As a business, by choosing to shop at one of Smart-Trade's 300 plus partner businesses, you can earn reward points to redeem on virtually anything you may want.

Smart-Trade makes it easy to turn your business spend into personal rewards by partnering with leading businesses across the country. You can earn points from multiple businesses and the more partners you shop with, the more points you can earn.

It also allows client to reach a new customer base. Businesses that sign up to Smart Trade are willing to do business with fellow Smart Trade businesses due to the instant benefits they know they will receive from purchasing at those aligned businesses.

In a recent trial customer acquisition campaign, Meridian Energy approached businesses and converted 37% into Meridian customers thanks to Smart Trade.

Smart Trade also offers business the ability to log into a database that provides information and analysis on customers spending habits. This allows businesses to send information to targeted spenders giving the business an immediate advantage in marketing and trend analysis.

Overall, Smart Trade provides a priceless marketing and database service that is beneficial to any business in all industries across New Zealand.

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